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Pomegranar is a virtual art gallery created by Yasaman Nouri and presented in four installments: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. It tells a year’s story through original artwork, short films, and music. Pomegranar showcases interdisciplinary creations with narratives of the ordinary in a Surrealist universe featuring pomegranate people. Along with new artwork, each seasonal exhibit brings a unique take on the themes of love, loss, belonging, and togetherness while apart. 

Yasaman Nouri is the featured artist and creator of the gallery. She draws on her Persian background for this project. Pomegranates (or anar/انار in Farsi) are a cherished fruit and important symbol in my culture. The name Pomegranar combines both the English and Persian words to signify the coexistence and conflicts of both identities within the artist.

Pomegranar’s first exhibit, Spring, premiered around Norouz/نوروز, which is the Persian celebration of receiving the new year, the Spring Equinox. The finale exhibit will take place around Shabe Yalda/شب یلدا , which is the celebration of the longest night of the year, the Winter Solstice, and where pomegranates are an essential part of the table.


Yasaman Nouri
Artist & Executive Producer

Dylan Pun
Film Director

Marc De Acetis
Director of Photography

Jimmy Nguyen

Domenique Arnold
Production Designer

Lyssa Tino
Web Designer

Melanie Petriw
Social Media Manager

Sofia Demidova
Publicity & Fundraising

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