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Yasaman Nouri
Executive Producer
Project Manager


Yasaman Nouri (یاسمن نوری) is an international artist, designer, director, performer, and aerialist. She is the Creator, Executive Producer and Artist of Pomegranar.

Yasaman’s practice focuses on interdisciplinary art with her full scope of training including theatre creation, performance, aerial arts, theatrical design, visual arts, and music. Her work is often focused on experiential art including immersive or interactive theatre and visual art.

Yasaman is a graduate of York University and currently trains at the Toronto School for Circus Arts. She is a founding member of typo theatr ( and the Communication & Engagement Manager at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre.

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Lyssa Tino
Web Design & Development

Lyssa Tino is a multidisciplinary artist whose mediums range from theatre to novels to video game development. She specializes in creative direction, narrative design, and programming. Lyssa has explored web design for several years and aims to bring creativity into all of her works. Lyssa holds an advanced diploma in game development and design, and is currently pursuing a degree in performance creation for the theatre. She is passionate about storytelling above all else and centres her practice around this.

Domenique Arnold
Production Design

Domenique is a Production Designer from Toronto. She has been a key creative in a variety of works, with a large focus on feature films and music videos. Her personal style is colourful and whimsical, often making everyday beauty larger than life with vivid and bold colour palettes and a caricature-esque nature. Domenique has had her hand in all facets of the art department from set and prop building to graphic design.

Melanie Petriw
Social Media Manager & Assistant Producer

Melanie is a multidisciplinary artist and digital marketer. Like Yasaman and Sofia, she is a graduate of the Theatre program at York University with a specialization in devised theatre and set and costume design. She is also a cofounder of the Toronto-based theatre company, typo theatr. Melanie has since expanded her understanding of storytelling to digital media and has been working in social media marketing for the past four years in industries such as consumer packaged goods and beauty. She is also a classical vocalist and is currently studying aerial arts.

Sofia Demidova
Fundraising & Outreach & Accessibility Coordinator

Sofia is a multidisciplinary, devised theatre creator, with experience in acting, directing, and producing. Her passion is creating theatre that immerses, excites, and reflects the modern audience. She’s a 2017 graduate from York University’s Devised Theatre. This program instilled in her the magic of creating theatre collectively, ensuring that each artist has the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to any project. During her time at York, she concurrently completed a double major in Psychology. This past summer she has had the pleasure of working on Guild Festival Theatre’s Communications team as the Social Media Assistant.

Dylan Pun
Film Director

Dylan is a filmmaker and storyteller from Toronto, Canada. He aims to create visually compelling images, while telling fascinating stories that engage and impact viewers. He loves to make people laugh and smile. As a dancer, photographer, and music producer, he combines other artforms with his cinematic eye to make something bold and unique. His style involves vibrant colours, minimal camera movement, and a motivating usage of sound.

Jimmy Nguyen
Director of Photography

Jimmy Nguyen is a Toronto-based professional musician/producer/composer who enjoys creating/performing music and sharing his passion with the world. Since graduating Humber’s Bachelor program, Jimmy continues to take on many forms of work within the field of music. From touring, session work, and producing, he does it all. Jimmy continues to further develop his skills in composition and music production by taking on the role of scoring music for the Pomegranar virtual art gallery.

Marc De Acetis
Director of Photography

Marc De Acetis, with a speciality in Cinematography, executes high-calibre poetic imagery through digital and film media. With experience in experimental, commercial, documentary, scripted series, narrative, and music video formats he brings a poetic realism to all his work. His client roster includes Starbucks, American Express, Canada Goose, Somersby, VICE, and Winners. Narrative wise, Marc has shot two scripted narrative series to this date (Next Stop & 2nd Generation) for both the CBC and Amazon Prime.

Special thanks to our incredible volunteers

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  • Abdollah Nouri
  • Peter Paszkiewicz
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  • Michael Turk
  • Valerie Tan
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  • Jason Amar
  • Katerina Demidova
  • Megan Apa
  • Taylor Newlands
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  • Matthew Sabido
  • Alie Rutty
  • Davis Okey-Azunnah
  • Sabrina Shallop
  • Thulacy
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