Pomegranar provides opportunities for emerging artists who have also been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Having experience with predominantly live events, all team members were forced to pivot and learn to create art virtually. From theatre, circus, and music backgrounds, we have retrained ourselves to be content creators, filmmakers, digital visual artists, audio engineers, and web developers. Our goal has always been to bring audiences the same caliber of art that we would create if we could get together; we need your help to continue to do that.

What your donations go towards: 

1. Production costs: editing software, props, set dressing, equipment, photo developing and scanning, and sound licensing.
2. Web related costs: domain, hosting, certificates, plug-ins
3. Artist Fees: compensation provided to the artists working on this exhibit

We have decided not to charge tickets for our event as we want to make the exhibit accessible to as many people as possible. We kindly ask that those who are able make a donation in lieu of a ticket. Your donations will help keep Pomegranar free and accessible for others.

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Our Donors

Thank you to our generous donors who have made the Summer Exhibit or Pomegranar possible

  • Katrina Seltzer
  • Adrienne Deeley
  • Peter Paszkiewicz
  • Meredith Jonatan
  • Ella Wieckowski
  • Charles Manzo
  • Everlin Wang
  • Jason Amar
  • MacKenzie Taylor
  • Leah Holah
  • Katerina Demidova

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